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Luxury Beauty – Love Renaissance

We are always on the hunt for the best serums and moisturizers that will deliver a more youthful appearance while nurturing our skin. During my many visits to Hawaii I discovered Love Renaissance, a luxury skincare brand from Japan which carries four anti-aging skincare lines. Over the years I’ve tried products from each line and… Read More

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Finally, I can share with you this beautiful skincare line called TATCHA which I received in the mail just before the second part of my trip at the beginning of January. I’ve been using it religiously since then and I absolutely love everything about it. There is no denying that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous.… Read More

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Being away for three weeks on the beautiful Islands of Hawai’i (Maui and Oahu) was a dream, one that I am fortunate to experience year after year. Hawai’i to me is paradise, a place where I can spend my days being completely ecstatic and always in awe of the majestic views of the Pacific Ocean.… Read More

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How to have a healthy summer

It’s summertime in Kelowna again! I can see the excitement in everyone around me. Boating, fishing, sun tanning and lazing around the beach is a huge thing in the Okanagan, but this is also the perfect season to be focusing on health to look and feel your best during the summer months. Below are a… Read More

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Crystal Hills Organics – Experience Beauty and Luxury

Over the past 6 weeks I have taken a short break from blogging to be fully involved with a new bath and body company called Crystal Hills Organics. I am excited to partner up with Crystal Hills as their Brand Ambassador to represent and promote their products. Crystal Hills launched its line of luxurious bath… Read More