Ramona_7608About this blog: House of Ramona is a lifestyle blog, which showcases fashion, beauty, recipes, fitness and everything in between. Through this blog I hope to inspire and help women fall in love with themselves. Whether you are a businesswoman or a stay at home mom raising little ones, you can look fabulous and feel confident each and every day.

About me: My name is Ramona. My background is in business management (finance), and I’m a mom to two handsome little boys, Joshua (11) and Marcus (7). They’re my everything. I get them ready for school every morning, chauffeur them around until early evening, prepare healthy meals, help with homework, have playtime and in between all of this run my business and write for my blog. I enjoy every minute of it and I like to do it in style.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved fashion and beauty, especially anything pretty and feminine! On the blog you’ll see me wearing some of my favourites. I am 5’6” tall and wear a size Small for the majority of the pieces, and I’m size 8.5 in shoes.

You’ll also find articles about health and lifestyle, including road-tested recipes, and reviews of beauty products. I am certified as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner so I will be writing on this topic as well. I love to pass on my honest recommendations. Helping people inspires me, and I hope my blog inspires you with a little feel-good magic!