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The Perfect Body

What is the perfect body type? Skinny and lean or skinny and soft? Muscles and curves or straight and no muscle? Big round bum or tiny little bum? Big breasts or tiny perky ones? We live in a society that women feel pressured to look a certain way. We spend thousands on hair, makeup, clothes,… Read More

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Benefits of Full Body Workouts

In the bodybuilding world, some would gasp reading the heading of my article. Believe it or not, there are more ways to train instead of arm day and chest day. For the most part, not everyone has time to spend at the gym six days per week for a split routine. Full body workouts can… Read More

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Spinach Omelette Muffins

This recipe is really easy to whip up early in the morning when you’re rushing to get everyone out the door. It has six ingredients only which keeps it simple. I enjoy making these because I can add things like spinach and red peppers to give it colour and my kids can benefit from all the… Read More

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Hearty Chicken Stew

I am very conscientious about nutrition and what I choose to feed my family. My boys are picky eaters for the most part, they don’t like the same things so at times I end up making two meals to please both. Tonight I made this hearty stew with free range chicken, organic potatoes, yams and kale… Read More