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Daily Skincare Routine

As this is the first post in the Beauty section of the blog, I figured the best place to start is with a Daily Skincare Routine. This is something we all should do in the morning before applying makeup and at bed time to remove all the makeup. Below are the products that I like to use for my daily routine however you should incorporate your favourite products that work for you depending on skin type. I have combination skin and it is on the sensitive side therefore I tend to use gentler products that don’t irritate my skin. Over the years I have tried hundreds of products, some have worked while others set my face on fire. I’ve experience burns, rashes and even peeling. Not fun that’s for sure.

It is very important to Cleanse your skin as this gets rid of oil, debris and makeup. After that, use a Toner to remove any traces of makeup. Toners can also calm, soften and smooth your skin. Next, you want to use an Anti-aging/Anti-wrinkle Serum. Serums contain ingredients that protect your skin from environmental damage i.e. sun damage and pollution. Last, apply your eye cream ensuring that it goes on the orbital bone, top and bottom from the inner to the outer part of the eye. I like to apply this using my ring finger using very little pressure to avoid causing damage to this delicate part of the skin. Finally, apply your Moisturizer. A good moisturizer keeps your face feeling smooth and soft while improving your skin’s overall appearance. During mid spring and throughout the summer I like to use an SPF Moisturizer to protect my skin from sun damage.

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer

I do this religiously to try to prolong the aging effects of my skin. Although there are many other anti-aging alternatives (which I am not opposed to at all) I try to keep up a good routine until further intervention is needed. 🙂




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Hope you have a great day!!!