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What Motivates You

Just a few days ago, I was asked by a member at Global Fitness Centre, “what motivates you?” That was a good question. In the past I would have answered, “I have a bodybuilding show that I need to get ready for, so that’s helping me stay motivated.” As much as goals are good to have, and helps people stay motivated, my answer now in the present time would be my health. My health motivates me to be as fit and active as possible.

Right now I have a fire in me. I am completely motivated to train hard, stay active and eat as healthy as possible. Nothing is more important to me than my health! If you are reading this, you should feel the same, regardless if you have a health issue or not.

I have been feeling amazing and full of life these days. There’s no better feeling. Without health, quality of life goes down. Things are not enjoyable. Working out is not enjoyable, and simple things in life like going for a walk or a hike feels more like a chore, and stressful. Hiking should feel amazing, especially the hiking that we have here in Kelowna. How amazing are the views that we have here from Knox Mountain? Everyone should have the pleasure of enjoying the amazing views of our beautiful city.

Travelling is not enjoyable when you have health issues. Just this past January, we were on our way back home from Puerto Vallarta, and this poor woman had to have help in the bathroom by the flight attendants and some passengers because she broke her ankle on her trip just from walking. She wasn’t in shape at all and seemed to have let her health go a long time ago. It was very sad to see and I would not want to be in her position. How awful would it feel to have to be carried around by four people?

Your family consistently let down when you aren’t taking care of your health. Your kids or your grand kids want to play, but your energy is low and you rather just give them a movie to watch so you can take a nap. Your family is important and they need you.

Do you know that diabetes is an epidemic now? Researchers say weight loss and physical activity are keys to prevention of diabetes, but by the year 2020, more than half of the United States will have diabetes if they don’t start moving! People just think that taking a pill will solve all their problems, but it’s not that simple. You can lose limbs with this disease, have heart failure and die if you don’t take care of this now. This is a very scary and real thing for half a country to become diabetic from terrible food choices. Make the change now.

What motivates you? Your family? Travelling? Enjoying simple pleasures in life like hiking? You should be able to enjoy all these things without having your body betray you and keep you from having a good time. You are the only one that is responsible for your health and your body, don’t let sickness and obesity ruin the amazing thing we call life.

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